Although most small business owners and marketers approach marketing in different ways, there is one trick that will make your copy more effective and powerful. And ultimately, help you make more sales!

When you first determined what product or service you would be selling, you should have also considered who would be purchasing those products/services. However, some entrepreneurs choose a product or service to sell, and never consider who the intended prospect would be.

Without knowing that critical information, your marketing messages will be too general, too passive, and…completely ineffective! And, without the ability to successfully market, your sales will be only a fraction of what they could be.

So, to write effective marketing messages, you must:

  • Get to know your prospect. What is their age, gender, education, level of stress, buying behaviors…etc. The more you know about them, the more targeted your message can be.
  • Give your prospect a face. Think of someone that closely resembles your prospect. This person should be someone you know personally.

Once you’ve given your prospect a face, selling your products, and writing your marketing messages will be much easier. After all, you are writing a specific message to a specific person. And…your prospects will feel as if you have, indeed, written a message specifically for them.

Leap of the Week: Next time you write a newsletter or a Facebook ad for that matter, just write it to that one special person that you know so well and see what happens…