Elizabeth Gilbert is hands-down one of my favorite writers. She is down-to-earth, funny, uses simple language, and has this ability to really capture a moment and bring us in. As a writer myself I find her extremely inspirational and best of all she makes me feel normal. She has no problem sharing her strengths and her weaknesses, her areas of expertise as well as admitting to the things she knows absolutely nothing about. As a personal brand, I believe she is a hero because she lives what she writes about, and that takes an incredible amount of courage, confidence, and strength.

Last May I had the opportunity to listen to her speak at Oprah’s Live Your Best Life weekend in NYC. And boy what a treat! Her ability to tell a story, whether written or verbal, is outstanding. She truly is following her calling! Click here now if you want to experience Elizabeth Gilbert’s world, even if for a few minutes.

You won’t regret it!