Take it from me, owning a Mini Cooper turned me from a passenger to a driver. Its compact, stylish, and overall fun design made driving exciting and an activity I truly learned to love. But that’s not the part that makes MINI a bona fide brand hero. It’s the purchase experience that blew our minds. From start to finish of our little baby’s birth we were continuously kept in the loop about what was going on. From where she was on the assembly line to where she was in the world! She was born in London, then traveled on a ship crossing the ocean, we knew when she arrived in Montreal, and when she crossed Canada until she was sitting here in Vancouver….waiting to be picked up.

Being a part of that whole delivery experience not only validated our purchase choice, but also instantly built our trust in Mini’s capabilities and service. Think about what little add-ons you can do to make a big difference to your customers. It’s worth it!