A few weeks back, we published a post about “wowing” your customers by giving them more than they expect. Well, I thought I would build on that post by giving you additional suggestions for creating an incredible experience for your customers and prospects (whether they purchase right away or not.)

Not every marketing message should be a targeted sales pitch. Not every conversation has to revolve around their decision to buy or not buy. When building your relationship with your prospects, give them something of immeasurable worth; knowledge.

Here are some suggestions of ways to include valuable content (and start leading your contacts to an eventual sale):

  • Newsletters
  • Tips and tricks of your industry (audio, video, written)
  • Upcoming industry-related events
  • Links to news articles about your industry
  • Free reports and white papers
  • Celebrity stories related to your products/services

Nobody knows your business better than you do. Taking the time to share your knowledge with your contacts will build that relationship of trust and appreciation. The best part? These ideas cost you nothing but a little love and time and could be worth a fortune in sales, not to mention, building a strong following community.

Remember, your prospects and customers should mean more to you than an occasional sale. Give them value and watch your customer ROI soar!

Leap of the Week: What’s one simple thing you can start doing this week that will not only add value, but could also put you at the top of the leader board?

Got a story to share?

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