“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Regardless of who said that, by this definition most entrepreneurs are insane. They keep on doing things the same way and avoid change whenever possible.

Why do people insist on continuing with “more of the same” when they are not getting the results they want? Why don’t they try something at least slightly different than what they are doing now?

How open to change are you?

Really think about this one. I ask because as a brand builder and business performance catalyst, my job is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get rid of limitations, plateaus and low-ceiling behaviors to allow for more effortless growth…and I often come face- to-face with huge resistance.  I hear this over and over again, “It can’t be done in my industry, or, it’s not how I have done it in the past.”

Here is the thing. If you want different results, you must take different action. If you are less than impressed or delighted with the results you are getting in your business today, think about your past actions and see what could or needs to be tweaked. What could you possibly be losing by shifting and trying something new? Doesn’t have to be major changes. Actually, the greatest results often come from small, consistent tweaks. I call these, low-risk high-reward tweaks that lead to progress and improvements.

Leap of the Week:
Scan your business and pick one area, project, or artery that is not performing as well as you would like. Then ask yourself: what have I consistently been doing, and what could I do differently that would disrupt the pattern, and most likely shift and increase, my results?

I challenge you to disrupt the pattern. Try something different and see what happens.