There is no such thing as “Time Management”. Yet, it’s the number one challenge I hear about the most from clients. Let’s set one thing crystal clear: You CANNOT manage time. You can only manage YOURSELF within the time you have…and that goes for everyone, no exceptions. Oh, and…you CANNOT multi-task either (I know, this may hurt to hear as multi-tasking is for some people, a proud asset)


Here is a quick video that illustrates my point very well.

(Thanks Fast Company & UPS for a great job!)

For that reason, Margarita and I created BUBBLE TIME™ back in our Scenario Design days (our previous business) simply to increase productivity level and to gain our sanity back. There comes a point when enough is enough. We ran a very tight ship with an amazing team…but we often had crazy deadlines, huge deliverables, phones constantly ringing off the hook, lots of meetings…and we had an open concept office…need I say more! Way to many disruptions. We felt un-productive and in constant lack of time. We COMMITTED to Bubble Time.


Increased productivity
Getting more done in less time
Building and sustaining momentum

How well you do at managing YOURSELF depends on how well you implement these 5 key habits:

  1. Declare and Commit to BUBBLE TIME™
    Declare and commit to a specific, daily block of time. We recommend a block of minimum 1.5 hrs to allow you enough time to get a few things done and to get use to it! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a single hour of un-disrupted time.
  2. Book BUBBLE TIME™ in your Calendar
    Pre-book that daily time in your calendar for at least 30 days. 1 month will allow you to form a habit and will also allow you to see if that time of day is good for you. If not, try a different time that may work better for you. At Scenario Design, we committed to a 3 hrs “Bubble Time” every day. We treated that block of time like GOLD. I remember Jen use to shout “10 minutes to Bubble Time”. She was the one with the whip to keep us in line! We became an unstoppable well oiled machine!
  3. Respect your BUBBLE TIME™
    Treat that block of time like you treat a client meeting…only this time, the client is YOU. This is YOUR time to get things done. NO phones, NO emails, NO interruptions. Be 100% present at the task at hand. Unless you’re a Brain Surgeon…you DO NOT have to be available 24/7.
  4. Lick the Toad! As Coach Kevin would say.
    Start with “the something” that you have been avoiding. Take that time to get rid of the things that weight on you the most. That phone call that you have been dreading, those old client files that need to be de-briefed and closed, that client that you need to fire!…just do it. Waiting just makes that toad uglier and nastier by the minute. Get rid of it, you will feel so much lighter and you will gain huge momentum.
  5. Learn to say “NO”
    Easier said than done you say? Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think. I have become pretty darn good at saying NO in the last few years and it feels GREAT! By respecting my time, it allows me to build momentum and feel great about what I have accomplished and therefore, it allows me to give back and help other better. Practice this one every day. Blame it on “Bubble Time” if you need to! that should lighten things up real fast!

Enjoy this new habit! Don’t be shy to leave us comments to let us know how BUBBLE TIME™ is working for you and your team.


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