One of my favorite moments was when someone taught me about synergy. The example they used was two horses pulling a cart. Each horse can pull approximately 500 lbs. (I’m making that up, because I don’t remember the actual number.)

A basic understanding of math would logically determine that by strapping the two horses together, they could pull 1,000 lbs. In reality, two horses working together can pull three times the amount they could on their own–not double.

This same principle is the reason business owners need to consider using affiliates. You see… you can’t be the “perfect” entrepreneur. You can try. And, maybe get close. But, at some point in time everybody needs additional skills, markets, and time they don’t possess.

So, what exactly does having affiliates add to your business? Here are just a few benefits:

  • More Referrals
  • A Larger Market (yours + your affiliate’s)
  • An Outside Promoter of Your Products/Services
  • Increased Networking Abilities
  • Ultimately More Sales!

Consider the value of having another “brand advocate” reaching out to your customers. Now, you don’t have to grow your company on your own. By creating an affiliate program, you can achieve much more than you will EVER be able to achieve alone!

When you develop lasting partnerships, your business is going to grow automatically, just from the leverage you gave it.

Strap yourself to affiliates, and see where the synergy can take you!