Here is the answer to Is Your First Impression Really Your Last Impression? Think Again!

If you did not find ‘The Hidden Tiger’, look closely at the tiger’s stripes.


Can you now see the ‘The Hidden Tiger’ in this illusion?. Most probably yes.

Wondering how you missed it in the first place?

Well you are not alone. It took me a while to find it because I was literally looking for another tiger…I had a preconceived visual of what I was looking for.  I was looking at the positive and negative space of the foliage, the sky, the ground…and then I started looking at it differently, I started to look for patterns and that’s when I saw the word “tiger” within the stripes…

Learning for me? To always lookout through different sets of lenses to allow me to see all the different angles and patterns that are there…but that I can’t see because of my own limitations.

If you did not find the “hidden tiger” you are far from alone and there is nothing to worry about. The majority of people looking at this illusion tend to see the “whole” of the big tiger, not The Hidden Tiger as the way we perceive something is based on matching the perception of the new stimuli and generalizing it to something familiar of which we have stored prior knowledge.

‘The Hidden Tiger’ demonstrates that first impressions are seldom true. They are more accurately based on past perceptions and not just current stimuli.

Thus the human mind/brain’s way of generalizing sensory information provides the source of illusion, tricks, and encourages us to take a closer look at what we see — and don’t see — in the world around us.

Leap of the Week: Look at your next stuck point or challenge through a different set of lens this week and see what comes out of it. You may be impressed with the outcome. It’s good to flip things upside down sometimes!

These 2 posts were inspired by Dr. Jim Sellner from