By Kate and Eddie from

Most of us start the New Year with a few goals for changes we want to make. Current research on the brain shows that we are more likely to accomplish our resolutions if:

  • We select a limited number of goals.
  • Goals are focused and specific.
  • Goals are doable within a reasonable time frame.
  • We identify an initial, definite action step.
  • We develop support to accomplish the goals.

Many people use coaches to support them in creating sustained change. We are often asked the most important qualities in selecting a coach who will make a big difference in someone’s career.  Here are a few qualities we consider important, in addition to business and coaching experience:

Evidence of sustainable results: Has the coach clearly applied their own wisdom to their life’s work, which shows up in the success they have created? Does the coach have a track record of helping their clients make significant and sustainable changes?

Useful, practical guidance: Does the coach communicate complex changes that are easy-to follow and systematic? Do you come away from each meeting with insights and learnings that you can apply to your current situation?

Direct and tenacious: Does the coach take the risk to confront and challenge your thinking, even if it’s momentarily uncomfortable? Is there a process that is used to follow-up and help you stay on track with your commitments and agreements to change?

Collaborative partnership: Does the coach actively build a partnership with you which is focused on the goals you want to achieve? Does the coach fully assist you in making these goals actionable?

Commitment: Does the coach help you see mental models that can become barriers to your commitment? Do you finish a session with a deepening sense of commitment with more clarity about your next step?

We continue to be energized and inspired by the changes that people create through their commitments.

Cheers to a profitable 2010!
Kate & Eddie