There are various illusions that can prove this belief to be quite distorted and in fact, inaccurate.

When we look at an image, a situation, a conversation or a person, we try to perceive it, her or him in “relationship to something” that is most closely related to something we have experienced before. Our “memory blueprint” as I like to call it. Psychology tells us that relying on this belief, on our illusions, can play tricks on us.

How is that you ask? We actually view things from a particular set of lens or set of assumptions, and with those assumptions, we form an opinion that is based on our past experiences, which we then call REALITY.  However, that’s not REALITY…that’s OUR REALITY!

The “Hidden Tiger’” is one of those illusions that tricks the human eye/mind based on the way we organize, in this case,  visual sensory input.

Take a look.
Do you see the other tiger? —  the hidden tiger?


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