Due to recognizing one of our own stuck point or “pot hole” as I like to call it, we have created a new rule at LeapZone, and that new rule is to always provide a Corporate Style Guide to our clients no matter what level of Branding Program they are on.  We have 3 different Branding Programs and only the second and third included a Corporate Style Guide.  I know, we do things sometimes that make no sense…

The important thing here is that You spoke and We listened.

So, why is a Style Guide so important? Well, for one, to promote a certain level of client autonomy, which, lets face it, does reduce the amount of random phone calls inquiring about fonts, PMS colours and logo formats.  But, more importantly, it’s to help you properly communicate your brand personality while gaining an understanding of some of the elements of your brand identity and how to use them effectively for maximum consistency.

A corporate style guide also provides an overview of your brand foundation and explains the DOs and DON’Ts of how to maintain the integrity of your name and identity. It also guides you as to how to use of your logo and each of the elements involved in communicating your unique personality.

The more clarity gained around who you are and what you stand for, the more consistent internal and external communications become.

Maintaining consistent communication brings:
•    Ease of decision-making
•    A common flow among the team
•    A clear sense of direction
•    A uniform customer experience

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