Time away from the day-to-day, even from a familiar environment just does the soul good. However, have you ever wondered why most of the time when returning from a vacation, you feel like you would need another to get over the first one?

Well, here’s my theory…every thing, place, or person as we know it is made up of molecules that vibrate at a certain frequency to create that specific thing, place, or person. Generally, either by instinct or knowledge, we tend to choose “getaway” vacation spots – naturally vibrating at a lower frequency than where we spend most of our time – to relax. Places with less people, buildings, cars…just less going on in general.

The biggest benefit of visiting one of these places is that it effectively helps to bring down our frequency from the higher level most of us tend to operate at when you combine all the activity of day-to-day life – work, chores, children, pets and play. If you think about it, the amount of time it takes for someone to “wind down” on vacation really depends on how far they need to go to get closer to the vibration or “groove” of where they are visiting.

Now, let’s say you’ve finally found the vacation “groove”, most likely two days before you have to leave as luck would have it, but regardless…you’ve found it and you are in the flow. Those few days later when you are back home and re-integrating, the process is much the same but in reverse. And I believe it is precisely this upward shift that is required to get us back to the higher vibration of our day-to-day that initially wipes us out upon our return. Thus, leaving us feeling exhausted from the get-go and with the unfulfilled feeling of needing a second vacation.

My solution to this madness is to be aware of my own personal vibration level (in a natural state) and keep it within an acceptable range of that state no matter where I am in this big world. At home or abroad. It’s not easy I’ll tell you that, but it is possible. Once you realize that everything outside of yourself is its own entity and you can only control however you are feeling or acting, in any given moment, then balancing your state of being becomes a smaller task to take on.

Try it on for size and let me know what changes in yourself, and others, you discover. You may be surprised!