Blo’s concept is simple. For around 30 dollars and in about 30 minutes, you have a blow out style. No cuts, no color, just WASH. BLOW. GO. And that is precisely what makes this styling blow dry bar a hit with several locations in Vancouver and Toronto. As a brand they deliver on their promise and that is key.

The other area they are extremely crafty in is marketing. If there is a term where the word “Blo” fits, they are using it. And not just the obvious too. For their blog, just the simple addition of a hyphen gives them the best blog name ever: BLO-G. They are consistent with their messaging, know their target market, and aren’t afraid to use the boldness of their main brand identity color – hot pink!

Take a minute and peruse their website, or better yet, take 30 minutes and get yourself a “do” to spice things up…as they like to say, “You’re not cheating on your hairdresser!