In the fall of last year, many business owners, large and small, experienced a shift in their business. That shift was a decline in revenues.

After talking to a large number of business owners, I discovered that although many of them felt concerned about their present financial situation, they didn’t initially respond with a proactive strategy at that time. They decided to ride it out. “Things will get back to normal soon enough” seemed to be their way of thinking.

The problem was that any reserves they had were depleted and this meant worry for some and panic for others.

Those who decided earlier on during the slowdown to get creative about how to generate more revenue are now experiencing an upwards curve. Those who did not now have to play catch up.

If you start actively and consistently marketing your business today, it is very possible that you could still push through your current financial slump and come out ahead of much of your competition.

Take advantage of the fact that others are less likely to really kick in their marketing efforts until late September and get going on promoting your business now.

Remember, it is better to do a few small marketing initiatives successfully than to get bogged down with a long list of great ideas that don’t completely get off the ground.