1. Distractions & Interruptions:
People dropping in and the quick phone calls.
The “got-a-minute?” interruption that takes 15 minutes = productivity killer!

2. Multi-Tasking:
Trying to do a bunch of things at once .
Every study tells us that it is the stupidest thing we can do, not to mention a huge efficiency and productivity killer!

3. Fragmentation:
Stopping in the middle of something to do something else. (Monkey Mind)
Don’t do it. Take the time to finish what you started or at least bring it to a measurable milestone before you start something else.
Have too many thoughts while you are doing the task at hand? Use your ParkingLot™.

Leap of the week: Practice the “No Distraction & No Interruption” rule for 1 hour while you are working on an important task and see how much you can accomplish in a simple hour.

You’ll be addicted in no time flat!

This post was inspired by Dr. Jim Sellner.

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