A few months back, I received a flyer and sample in the mail offering an amazing deal to first-time customers for high-quality promotional pens.

At first, I couldn’t believe that this was a legitimate offer. I went to the company’s website and looked at the products and their ordering system to make sure I felt comfortable proceeding.

From the get go, what grabbed me about the sample pen was its colour. Remember, we do buy primarily based on emotions. The colour of the pen was a perfect fit with Lift Strategies’ corporate colours.

I placed my order, and received a proof and an email stating the pens would ship in a few days. Impressive.

When all 1,000 of the pens arrived, I was very excited. This was the first time I had invested in a promotional product for Lift Strategies. I opened the box, confirmed the website address was correct. Later, I discovered the phone number was not. Imagine me doing a speech about the importance of branding and then handing everyone a pen and telling them to scratch off the incorrect phone number? Not good.

At first, I was worried that it was my error because of my dyslexia. I was preparing to suck it up. Fortunately, when I doubled-checked the emails and my proof, I learned the error was not mine. The company was incredibly responsive to the situation and turned around a new set of pens within 48 hours. Now that’s great customer service.

So now the question is: When your business makes an error, how quickly does it get corrected?

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