In a previous post, I talked about the Top 3 Productivity Killers and how to bust them. As a momentum generator, allow me to now introduce you to Killer #4 and #5, along with solutions to bust them once and for all to increase your efficiency and level of satisfaction.

KILLER #4: Having too many open “idling” issues.
Idling or unresolved issues, or even pending decisions, can be a huge mental and physical drain, not to mention a prime feeder to Killer #1 (increases your level of distraction). If you have an unresolved issue or decisions to make, and who doesn’t, it is critical to give it the attention it needs daily to avoid creating more ugly tasks.

SOLUTION: Daily Huddles. At LeapZone, Margarita and I resolve most of our pressing issues, debates or urgent decisions to make in Daily Huddles (or our PowWows as we like to call it). We have an ongoing “Needs Attention ASAP” folder and take 15 to 20 minutes daily to discuss the folder’s issues, questions or projects to first determine their true priority level, then the next steps to take, as well as who will be the leader of this task. It’s a great way to stay on top of things, avoid procrastination and make sure that nothing is being ignored.

So, make a list of all unresolved issues and decisions to be made and start implementing Daily Huddles. If you work alone, start your own Daily Phone Huddles with a trusted mentor, a business coach or colleague to help you prioritize and problem solve. It will help your focus, productivity and most of all, it will keep you accountable.

KILLER #5: Not taking care of yourself.
We all know that it’s important to eat well, exercise regularly and get enough sleep, however the excuse we hear the most for not doing these things is, “I don’t have enough time”. I say, “What do these things have to do with time mastery?” Nothing. But it is a critical component of self mastery. Time Management should be completely removed from our vocabulary since “time” cannot be managed. We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week no matter how loud we scream. It’s how we manage ourselves within the time we have that makes the biggest difference.

SOLUTION: Determine and commit to your “Winning Ritual”. The most high-performing human beings, whether athletes, performers or business leaders, all have a “Self Care Winning Ritual”. Knowing what makes you sharp and keeps you sharp is key. For myself, I know that starting my day with “ME time” is my ticket. An early yoga and meditation class allows me to get focused and grounded. Once I have done that, I start my work day by reviewing and giving attention to my Non-Negotiable or Mission Critical of the day. The one thing that, when done, will give me most satisfaction and momentum.

What’s your “Winning Ritual”?
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