Taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions, our words, is one of those things in my opinion, you just shouldn’t do half way. You either fully admit to something or fully commit to do something; going half way on either of these lessens your own self-respect, and the respect of others towards you. Your confidence decreases, you begin to avoid situations that have become “sticky”, and your overall belief in what you stand for slowly drains away. Not a happy time.

So, let’s take a look at responsibility, or in other words, your response-ability. The ability to choose how you will respond to any given situation. We all have that ability and that choice; are you taking advantage of it, is the question.

Here are 3 things to remember when faced with providing a challenging response:

  1. Breathe and think back to the core of what you stand for and how your next words or actions will represent you.
  2. Realize the initial reaction you may be feeling is an emotion triggered by some past event(s), and you can choose to change the course of that trigger by tapping into your truth in an honest and open way.
  3. Know that no one is perfect and if you need to admit to a bad decision on your part, then stand strong and admit it. In most cases, doing so lifts a very big weight off your shoulders, and makes the other party feel heard, understood, and then understanding of your predicament.

Test your response-ability today!

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