It’s not very often that I rant about something, so hopefully it won’t offend some of you.

When I do presentations and workshops, I ask the participants if they would like to subscribe to the One Minute Marketing Tip. Most do. Upon receiving all the business cards, I am constantly surprised how many business owners have a website, yet their email address is not an extension of their website address. In fact, there is often very little continuity.

For example, let’s say Joan Smith owns a flower shop called Flowers on Demand and her business’ website address is Yet, her email address is or This gives me the impression that she doesn’t take her business that seriously. Instead, if her email address is or then I would have a more favourable impression of her business as being professional and credible.

My recommendation is simple. If you have a website address – even if it is not yet active – ask your tech person (if you can’t do it yourself) to set up an email address with the same extension as the website address. It is more professional and will make a lasting impression.

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