If you go to a shopping mall with department stores, more than likely retailers such as The Bay, Holt Renfrew or Sears have escalators set up to actively direct the flow of customer traffic through their store.

Ever noticed how the down escalator takes you deeper into the men’s underwear department as opposed to the entrance to the rest of the mall?

Are you applying this approach to your home page? When visitors come to your business’ website it’s important to be clear about what you want them to see, do and experience. If your goal is to get them to sign up for your e-newsletter, tip or an interesting article, this offer must be compelling and jump off the home page.

If you are having a sale and you want to drive people to your store, it is critical to feature your sale event prominently on your home page. Make sure to keep your message and brand presence consistent throughout each marketing initiative you are using to promote the sale. The postcard, print ads, e-newsletter and home page ad should deliver the same message, images and key points.

Get the most from your website. Take charge and direct your visitors into a premeditated action.

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