In this Great Disruption we must NOT let ourselves be snuffed out by fear.

Whenever I get whacked on the side of my head I live the adage, “Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Start all over again.”

And believe me, I’ve been whacked – fired, divorced, lost tons of money on a “sure thing”, on death’s door with some undiagnosed illness. I’m 66 now so life is becoming ever more precious. There is less of it ahead.

Rule #1 for myself:
Complain, whine, and feel sorry for myself for one day. That’s all I get. Then its time to get to work to becoming more valuable to the world. OK, a few momentary lapses into the whine cellar are inevitable.

Stop thinking about a job. patek philippe replica Start looking at getting meaningful work. That may mean I have to change careers – I’m in my sixth now. Until I get there I will have to do some things that are unpleasant, but are on the path to getting me to where I want to be.

Next, I change the focus of what I do. I explore how I can become a resource to the world. I look for replica watches ways to introduce people to what I have to offer. I find the “go-to” people in companies, then figure out how to help them save time and money.

Be the hero. The key is to use my expertise to empower others to do their jobs well, and I’ll always have work. I leverage my community. I ask people about what might be out there. It’s a great way to develop new skills, get help on projects, and network with my peers replica watches quality.

Oh, and I always focus on one statistic. The unemployment rate. Let’s say it’s 15%. That means 85% of people are working. That means the 85% is looking for ways to help themselves survive and do better. How can I help?

Rule #2 Learn. Un-learn. Re-learn:
I make a list of the end-to-end skills I’ll need and then develop a plan to learn them. I like to look at what others do to see if I can replicate that.

I ask my closest friends to tell me what I do that gets in the way of my success. I then un-learn those fake watches things. This is the most difficult part for me. I hate it and I do it.

I think about all the things I’ve learned. Inevitably I find one or two that I’ve forgotten I knew how to do that are still useful skills.

I cannot control this world. I can control what I do in it. You too can become an “expert” who brings value to a business or customers.

Do this and you’ll always have work.