Ever notice that you are the best person to talk yourself out of doing something that is outside of your comfort zone? When it comes to the things we know we should do, no scratch that, we know we NEED to do deep down in our gut, why do we run the other way?

The answer is simple. Fear of the unknown.

But did you ever think to ask yourself, what am I missing if I don’t do this? Yes, pushing the boundaries of a comfort zone is scary, but what’s even bigger than that fear is the reward pushing boundaries brings. It is my experience, and the experience of many of my clients and friends, that following through on something that pushes our limits initially brings tremendous satisfaction and pride, and then, something that is much more long lasting. A life lesson, or better yet, a pivotal shift, that gives your whole life new perspective and direction. Momentum to go after your true calling.

Here are 5 things to remember when faced with a scary thing you NEED to do to help you get out of your own way:

1. Check-in with your instinct, your gut, and make sure that this is indeed a step in the right direction. Trust yourself, you will know what is right for you.

2. Focus on the positive outcome this will bring. Doors will open that you presently don’t even know are there.

3. Only speak about this to people who will support you because they trust your judgment and will help you keep your strength and focus moving forward.

4. Keep in the back of your mind that your life is your teacher, and you are teaching yourself a new life lesson that will only allow you to grow even more.

5. Show the utmost respect for what you are about to do and for who you are doing it with. Most likely it will be a lesson, in some way, for all parties involved.

Have fun!

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