We all make mistakes and we all learn a great deal from those mistakes. Some need to be repeated many times in one way or another before we understand the lesson but eventually and thankfully, we do learn.

Here are some of my Leadership Learnings that you might find interesting:

1. Successful business cultures need to be intentionally managed – it’s a 24/7 nurturing job.
2. There are no such things as great companies – there are only great teams.
Think about this one for a minute. Not all Walmarts are equally great. Some locations do really well, some others with the same rules of the game and population ratio, don’t do nearly as well. Having the right team makes all the difference.
3.  You are only as strong as your weakest link – need I say more.
4. Hire slowly, fire quickly – can’t stress this one enough.
Most entrepreneurs hire too fast and fire way too slow…why? Because they want to be nice or give the “C” employee a chance to get better. Here’s the thing: being an “A” player exists at a DNA level. Period.
5. Implement minimum standards of performanceand find ways to measure your team’s performance ratio and accountabilities weekly.
6. Recruiting is a process – not an event.
7. Recognition “systems” are a must – the best way to get more of what you want is to reward it. And that goes for everyone on your team: employees, clients, suppliers.
8. Daily Team Huddles are a MUST – to get everyone on the same page and working on the same mission.
9. Coach on the field – not in the locker room.
10. Sales leaders grow salespeople – Salespeople grow sales.

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