I came across this article by Skip Anderson and thought the concept was actually pretty good. It gives a whole new “visual” meaning to the word Follow UP.

Here is what Skip has to say:
I hate the term “follow up” as it applies to sales. I admit I use the term occasionally, but I prefer to use a different term. Here’s why:

As a good friend of mine says, “Words mean things.” She’s right. One’s choice of words to describe an activity can provide insight into how that individual views that activity.

I think the choice of the word “follow” is a lousy one when selling. As salespeople, we aren’t “following” anything when we follow up (or at least we shouldn’t be). Salespeople must take the lead, not follow. If you haven’t yet closed the deal but need to contact your prospect to continue the selling process, the last image I want you to have in your mind is the image of you “following.” Puppies follow; small children follow others when they play “follow the leader.” But salespeople need a different word that describes what they should be doing in these sales situations. And that word is “LEAD.” read more.