For years, you’ve been drilled to promote and sell benefits rather than promote or sell a service or a product. And for years, it worked. Well folks…change happens and change is here!

It is now time to STOP selling the benefits…why? Because in a downturn economy, your customers are not interested in the benefits of your product or service…they are interested in avoiding or minimizing any future, potential losses.

Now is the time to emphasize on those additional losses they’ll experience if they don’t consider your product or service. People buy or switch to avoid losses; they don’t switch to get gains” says Dr. Victoria Medvec, the negotiations guru from Northwestern University, and she is right!

Next Step:
Read the previous paragraph over and over again until you have fully absorbed this concept and then sit down, set aside your list of benefits, and make a list of all the losses your customer will encounter if they don’t urgently buy your product or service.

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Source of inspiration:
Verne Harnish, Gazelles