1 Minute Marketing Tip from Jen DeTracey

Everyone Is A Marketing Genius

It’s true. People love to come up with great marketing concepts. It’s fun. If you were to take every idea you came up with and write it down in a spiral notebook or record it into your PDA, you’d have more than a full night of bedside reading ahead. The challenge is how to best put those ideas into action.

Over the years, particularly during my time as the VP of Marketing for Sarah McLachlan at Network Records, I discovered that our promotional team had great ideas, many of which were very cost effective. Yet, it was the actual implementation of these concepts that got wobbly. I learned that execution is everything. That, and timing.

The key is to pick the concept(s) that make the most sense budget wise and that will best fulfill your objectives. But the most important thing is to pick a concept that will be reasonably easy to implement. Let me say this again: relatively easy to implement…why? because execution IS everything. All the best ideas in the world will never give you any results if they stay on a napkin.

So…what is one small thing that you can execute TODAY, to move you forward?

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