It’s easy to surrender when you feel your efforts are futile and nothing you do brings an ounce of results. Especially in a time when most people are defaulting to the mother of all excuses “We are in a recession!”.

The problem with surrendering is three-fold. One, nothing most always brings nothing. Two, not giving of yourself, in terms of effort and energy, only brings you further away from happiness. And three, surrendering puts you in a state of scarcity, so when something does come along you are most likely to react out of urgency, instead of respond with a clear purpose.

Don’t be at the mercy of life unfolding and respond in a crisis-management mode. To make sure you keep a pro-active role in your life here are five things to remember:

  1. Be crystal clear as to what you really want, and focus on that.
  2. Surround yourself with successful people that believe in you, and help keep a positive atmosphere.
  3. Use your “down-time” wisely to strengthen your foundation, work on internal systems, create new services or products.
  4. Take time to re-connect with people you haven’t spoken to in awhile, and remain open to how opportunities may show up.
  5. Reduce your worries by simplifying your lifestyle wherever you can, to help you stay in an abundant frame of mind. Make the most of it because your life is now. Have fun!