You only set the initial desired direction for your brand. Even though your initial brand identity is determined by you and your brand development expert, your audience is the true boss of it in the end.

Branding isn’t a one shot deal, it is NOT an event. Branding is an on-going juggling act of continually tweaking your brand foundation through research and conversation. If you’re not tapping into those conversations with your audience, how do you know what their real impression of you is? How will you know how to address it?

Brand growth comes from a clear, internal foundation and consistent, external behavior alignment. Ensure that your actions, corporate identity system, website and marketing efforts put out the right vibe…but you can’t stop there. These are pre-sale activities that get you noticed and hopefully bought. You also have to ensure that all actions and engagements pre-sale, during-sale and post-sale are positive and in line with your desired brand, and deliver a consistent outstanding customer experience. If your audience has a different view of you than you’d like, then you need help. And it’s probably best to bring in an outside perspective.

It is very important to:

1. Always ask for feedback.
2. Listen, listen, listen.
3. From this valuable feedback, make small, but consistent “course corrections” along the way.
4. Reward for valuable feedback.

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