Are you affected by or care about where the economy is going? Are you convinced this is why your business is taking such a hit? Well…I am not. Although economy plays a role in your business’ overall health, it is not to be blamed for more than its share……which is surprisingly smaller than you think. Why is it that some businesses thrive in tough times while others, in the same wounded industry, die?

Jen DeTracey from Lift Strategies calls this the Yo-Yo Dysfunction and I agree 100%.
Most entrepreneurs actively market themselves when business is slow… ’cause they have the time. As a result, they get busy, which is not surprising as they were getting out there, marketing themselves. Then what happens? Everyone is too busy with client work and marketing gets the boot only to re-appear when things slow down again, hence, the Yo-Yo Dysfunction. Inconsistency only brings more inconsistency.

Ask yourself: How consistent were your business’ marketing activities before this downfall started? Were you actively marketing during the good times? Are you fully taking advantage of this slower time to review, re-assess and re-group?

If your answer is no, don’t panic, it’s never too late. It may take time for your business to redeem itself, but it is totally possible to make the necessary pivotal shifts to raise the bar and thrive.

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Source of inspiration:
Jen DeTracey, Lift Strategies