Even though most of us no longer attend school full time, when September or January roles around, we still can’t help but think it is the beginning of a new year. A new year means new beginnings to new commitments, new plans to achieve what you want by this time next year; a new year simply holds hope. My challenge to you this year is to think about how you are showing up in this world…today. Are you showing the world the best of you? At LeapZone, we have a name for people who bring their best, people who are:

ambitious: have a deep desire to achieve more.
committed: are willing to take consistent action to achieve goals.
ready for change: are open to taking “calculated risks” to move forward.
a dreamer: have ambitious goals and need support getting there sooner.
driven: have the drive, desire and energy to make it happen.
disciplined: have the ability to implement quickly and remain consistent.
accountable: do what they say they will do.

We call these people “leapers”; people who are as committed to themselves as to where they are going. We are proud to say our clients are definitely among these people. We have added two client success stories to our website that we want to share with you. Please take a minute to learn about the challenges they approached us with, the process we used to help them through their respective challenges, and the results achieved. Where available, click the play button to listen to a personal audio testimonial from our client and hear for yourself what they think!