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Step 3: Clean as you GO
I was going to write a more seasonal GoTip this month, but then I thought, what nicer Christmas present could you give yourself than a clean, organized car? What better feeling could you have, as you assist Aunt Millie into your spiffed-up car on the way to Suzie’s Christmas Pageant? I bet you’re blushed just thinking about it.

So, here’s the third secret to Preventing Car Pile-ups:
Clean as you go.

There’s precious little that one can do while waiting to pick someone up or crawling along in a traffic jam. Why not use that little bit of time to spiff up your interior?

Next time you’re shopping, buy a box each of; pre-treated and moistened cleaning cloths (like Clorox brand), some electro-static cleaning cloths (like Swiffer brand), some Armour All treatment quick wipes and some Zip-loc sandwich bags.  Place about 5 of each type of cloth in their own Zip-loc (seal tightly because the wipes dry out otherwise) and stash them in your glove compartment.

Next time you’re stuck in the car:
Turn on some funky tunes, pull out your supplies and dust, clean and treat your dashboard and other easily reachable areas. Cleaning as you go can make you feel great, and the results may impress Aunt Millie to move you up to favourite relative status faster than you can say ‘Happy Holidays!’

Which is what I was just going to say to you – ‘Happy Holidays from all of us at Get Organized.’

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