If you had to stop your car suddenly, how many items would go flying around inside your car? Paperwork? Garbage? Coffee cups? Oh by the way, do you even KNOW what’s in your trunk?

GoTip #3 can cure your car pile-ups in three easy steps:

Step1:  Picking-up prevents piling-up.
When you stop for gas, use their garbage can to rid your car of coffee cups, wrappers and other trash. If your kids are with you, get them to tidy the back seat while you gas up. When you arrive home, take a moment to grab an extra item to carry in the house, every time.

These two things alone will prevent 50% of car pile-ups. So starting today, start doing it! It’s simple and you’ll get instant gratification.

More Car Pile-up Prevention coming to you soon…stay tuned.