Are they CRAZY? Most would say Yes…and extremely committed. The Hanover Family from Bikram Yoga White Rock are on a mission that is both “nuts” and “totally inspiring” and we would love your assistance in spreading the word. Anyone who has done Bikram Yoga before knows how challenging and rewarding it is…but let me stress the “challenging” part one more time…and these girls are doing it every single day for an entire year in the hopes of raising $360, 000 for a healthier food bank. (I’m sweating just thinking about it).

They have received lots of (much appreciated) support and media coverage to date but unfortunately, not enough pledges. Now, it’s CRUNCH TIME. If you or anyone you know is looking to make a difference by making a personal or corporate contribution towards achieving this crazy goal, click here. Big and small, we thank you .

For more information about this BOLD initiative, visit

Be a part of it. Pledge for health.