Don’t you love getting mail? All those bills, junk mail, bills…. What’s that you say? You get cheques by mail too?

All that paper can quickly make a monster. So, why not try GoTip No.12, The Mail Minimizer.

As soon as the mail arrives, grab it and a stapler, and head straight for the recycling bin (ideally located under your desk). Quickly recycle all junk mail, then open all other envelopes. As you open each envelope, recycle every piece of paper you don’t need, such as the return envelope, flyer inserts, etc. Unfold the remainder and staple it together, turning, for example, a five page phone bill into one inseparable item.

Pile up the keepers into two piles; GoPay and GoThru, and then pop them in those folders. These two folders should be easily accessible at all times, and form the cornerstone of staying organized.

The first few times you practice this GoTip, notice just how much paper you have thrown in your recycling bin. All that paper that you have not allowed to enter your office and make clutter. Over time, you will notice that you have not missed bill deadlines, because all your bills are in one place to help you know exactly how much you owe and when it’s due.

And those cheques! Send them all to me! OK, OK, slot them straight into your deposit book, ready for your next trip to the bank.