Roaring Women Blog Talk Radio targets women who are in business or thinking about going into business. Roaring Women have stories to tell that will encourage others to break through the barriers that are holding them back from the life they want and deserve. Isabelle Mercier Turcotte from LeapZone Strategies has participated in the following podcasts as a mentor, and to share her views on various topics.

This Blog Talk Radio is hosted by Roaring Women founder Mandie Crawford, so listen in to hear insights and experiences, tips and tricks!

Branding, Marketing or CopyWriting

Mandie Crawford and panel of experts Isabelle Mercier, Rick Spence and Troy White will debate these 2 questions: Branding, Marketing or CopyWriting? Which is more important during a growth phase of a business? And…government legislation…When government legislation seriously affects the day to day workings of a business – who should foot the bill for changes a business must make in order to stay in business?

Believing in What You Do

Mandie Crawford and special guest panel will discuss why small business owners get tired out – working too hard and saying things like “I cannot do it anymore” – and eventually their businesses begin to falter. Does their lack of belief in their ability precede their failure – or does failure precede their lack of belief – or is it even related?

20 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Mandie Crawford and special guest panel Isabelle Mercier, Rick Spence and Troy White meet again tonight to talk about the “Coaching Coach Tour” across Canada and discuss what is happening at the grass roots level to both small and micro business. The second 30 minutes we will cover the “20 reasons small businesses fail and what you can do to avoid certain disaster!”

Alliances or Sponsorships

Mandie Crawford and special guest panel will discuss joint ventures; how far do we go when forming joint alliances or sponsorships – what are the values, the drawbacks? Also in this show, the subject of women looking for grants. How does one raise capital for business?

Using the Internet to Promote your Business

Mandie Crawford and special guest panel will discuss these topics on this week’s show: using the internet as a promotional tool, blogs, social media tools, email campaigns, websites. Also, the Coaching Coach Tour is wrapping up. Q and A about the tour.