For those of you who know me, even the slightest bit, you know that REST was never a part of my vocabulary. I always said…”I’ll have plenty of time to REST when I’m dead!” Now is the time to get stuff done! PATIENCE has never really been one of my strong suits either! Well, that is of course, until my year off globetrotting. I can assure you that traveling IS the BEST teacher for REST and PATIENCE.

I learned that no matter how organized I was, no matter how long I spent planning…things don’t always go according to plan! In fact, CHANGE, is pretty much the only thing that we can truly count on. So, after many years of often being disappointed by change and obstacles, I made a decision to change my attitude instead and take all these annoying moments and turn them to my advantage.

Suddenly, missing a flight, waiting for the ferry, sitting hours in traffic was no longer a frustration, it was now an opportunity to take a few more great shots, to take a 15 minute nap by the water or to connect with someone that I would not have connected with otherwise. I finally understood…not just in my head, but in my heart, that LIFE IS A JOURNEY not a destination.

I can just hear you say: “Well yes…easy to REST on a year off!” and to that I say…once you really understand the benefits of REST, your entire life has to change to accommodate it…and if I can do it…anyone can believe me. It’s all about being truly present….and slowing down the pace to get to the destination…’cause the destination is only a stepping stone to another destination. My life is forever changed and I have many moments of rest and stillness in my day now. From my morning meditation, to pausing to eat to truly taste my food, to often taking a few simple deep breaths to remind myself that NOW! is all I have…and I have a choice as to how I want to feel in my NOW moment.

Here are a few questions to contemplate:

  1. What are my simple daily pleasures? What brings me joy and enhances my day?
  2. How much “me time” or “quiet time” or “stillness time” do I give myself every day?
  3. When I do take “quiet moments” how do I feel? What are the benefits?
  4. What am I willing to STOP or START doing to create room in my daily life for my vital quiet moments?

It’s amazing what REST can teach you. Try it for yourself and see how much more creative and efficient you can become by resting daily.

Isabelle: Taking a Nap, waiting for the St-Simeon Ferry.

Photo by Margarita Romano
“REST. The quiet, simple pleasure of waiting for a ferry.”

St-Siméon Ferry Terminal, Québec. >>