Happiness is an inside job that requires that I develop my Character, Courage, Personal Worth, and Excellence.

The “i” Thing works best for people who prefer an emotionally intelligent, present-focused, active way of becoming more creative and curious about life’s difficulties and joys, rather than one which is mystical, historical, and passive. It’s for people who prefer giving up boring one’s Self while becoming more curious about one’s Self, others, and the world at large. It’s for those who want to experience the primal giggle.

Self-Responsibility – the “i” Thing:
• Questions the view that my emotional or behavioural disturbances are caused by childhood traumas.
• Agrees with ancient Stoic philosophers like Epictetus, and with the tenets of Buddhism(1).
• Disagrees with the notion that anger is healthy.
• Wonders about the cultivation of self-esteem and sees it as a “feel-good” trap.
• With the “i” Thing, I free myself to act as my creator of my thoughts, feelings and actions, empowering me to identify and solve my current and future self-created problems.
• In choosing this approach, I choose to treat myself, and others, in principled, loving ways – most of the time.

The philosophy of self-responsibility – the “i” Thing – is based on a few life-enhancing, joy-creating principles:
• I am responsible for creating my own emotions and actions.
• My “harmful” emotions and dysfunctional, boring behaviours are the product of my irrational, entitled thinking.
• I can learn wiser views and, with practice, make them a part of me.
• I’ll experience a deeper acceptance of myself, and greater satisfactions in life by developing a reality-based perspective. As in, “Look both ways before I cross the street!” which is both preventative and pro-active.

When I take responsibility for myself, I can distinguish clearly between two very different types of difficulties:
• Practical Problems and …
• Emotional Problems.

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