DO LESS. BE MORE. Is what I realized from my trip to Bali. That and the fact that I really don’t need much to be fulfilled. Balinese are profoundly happy people. I spent hours observing them. How they are with each other, the way they infuse so much love in the smallest, insignificant actions. I realized that with love, friendship, laughter, adventure and food, one can go a long way.

Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of an elephant? Wisdom and care is what you see. Meet Aby the savior! I actually fell in love with a GIANT that day. It is out of this world to sit on such huge creature. OK, image this…it’s 48 degrees Celsius, 100% humidity at 11:00 am and the sun has actually managed to suck us completely dry of sweat. (and…believe me, it is possible!). We have been sitting on this giant for a while now and I am getting a little sore, extremely thirsty, and enjoying every second of my adventure.

I have removed my shoes so I can feel Aby’s rough skin under my feet. While enjoying a nice neck massage (from me feet), this big girl is totally taking her sweet time, stopping at every tree to munch on juicy branches and leaves. I am now feeling a lot more at ease and connected with my new larger than life friend and decide to lean closer to her face to give her a big kiss when suddenly, my sunglasses went flying from my face straight down to the ground! (first I feel the need to expand on how much flexibility one needs to have to even think of leaning over onto an elephant…it’s almost a full split to just sit on this thing!)…

Now, I am just waiting to hear a great big crunch while thinking…SHIT!, there goes my favorite, very expensive pair of Nike sunglasses…when suddenly, Aby bends over gracefully, without missing a beat, picks up my glasses by the frame with the tip of her trunk and passes them back to me very gently like nothing happened, without even dirtying them! I just could not believe it. She looked at me and said with her eyes…”Don’t worry, be happy…I got your back sister!” and here’s the kicker…she then turned around, picked up her harmonica and played music on the way back to camp! it was absolutely hilarious and out of this world.

Needless to day, that day was truly magical. Traveling is truly my teacher for many many beautiful realizations. Thanks Bali for teaching me the true meaning of friendship and to have given me the opportunity to really know what BEING feels like.

Thanks Aby for connecting with me on an inexplicable level!
Looking at this photo brings me right back to you!

Photo by Isabelle Mercier Turcotte.
“Our giant friend Aby.”

Bali, Indonesia, 2006. >>