Gearing up for the new year ahead is as important as reflecting on your successes and setbacks from 2007. Most of us, Type “A” entrepreneurs, too often DISMISS or rush through this important process. Reflecting on past milestones gives us the perspective we need to make future necessary shifts to work better and smarter.

Here are some great questions that will help you APPRECIATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS, LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES and CELEBRATE YOUR PROGRESS for 2007.

1. My TOP 5 Greatest Successes?
Which accomplishments am I most proud of?

2. My TOP 5 Greatest Lessons?
What have I learned that has made the most impact in my life?

3. My TOP 3 Greatest Positive Shifts?
What have I tweaked in the past year that has been most beneficial in my life and business?

4. My TOP 3 Greatest Supportive People that has helped me the most?
Who has made the most difference in your life?

5. My TOP 5 Priorities for 2008?
What is most important for me to accomplish in 2008 and why? What’s in it for me once accomplished.

6. What is one thing I could do that really scares me, but deep down I know would catapult me forward?

7. How I am going to CELEBRATE the PROGRESS I have made in 2007!

Celebrating your progress is a MUST. It’s the key to building momentum for all your future endeavors. Go NUTS, let LOOSE and have FUN