Isn’t that the truth! Although change is the only thing we can count on 100% without a doubt, it is also feared on a daily basis. In order to achieve success, we need to learn not only to accept change, but to learn from it, anticipate it and embrace it. Change always has been and always will be a big part of life…so might as well get really good at it.

I am a huge fan of change and always have been. I can safely say that I LOVE CHANGE with a passion. In fact, one of my mantras is to ALWAYS RAISE THE BAR, and raising the bar means; always evolving, changing, transforming, learning, and moving forward.

I have lived through one of my biggest life changes-to-date in the past year, and because of this major change, I have learned 3 important lessons:

  1. I have learned to trust myself and my ability to make decisions within change.
  2. I have learned that I sometimes need to close a chapter to be able to open a new one, a better one.
  3. I have learned to embrace change and open myself up to how it shows up and what it brings.

I recently came across these “EIGHT STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL CHANGE” by John Kotter, author of “Leading Change” & “The Heart Of Change” and found it truly resonated with my beliefs and experiences.


1. INCREASE URGENCY – inspire people to move forward, to make objectives real and relevant.

2. BUILD A GUIDING TEAM- get the right people in place with the right emotional commitment and the right mix of skills.

3. GET THE VISION RIGHT- get the team aligned with a simple vision and strategy. Focus on emotional and creative aspects necessary to drive service and efficiency.

4. COMMUNICATE FOR BUY-IN – Involve as many people as possible, communicate the essentials, simply. Appeal and respond to people’s needs. De-clutter communications – make technology work for you rather than against.

5. EMPOWER ACTION – Bust through obstacles, enable constructive feedback and lots of support from leaders – reward and recognize progress and achievements.

6. CREATE SHORT-TERM WINS – Set goals that are achievable – in bite-size chunks along with manageable numbers of initiatives. Finish current stages before starting new ones.

7. DON’T LET UP – Foster and encourage determination and persistence – ongoing change – encourage ongoing progress reporting – highlight achieved and future milestones.

8. MAKE CHANGE STICK – Reinforce the value of successful change via recruitment, promotion, new change leaders. Weave change into culture.

As of today, envision change as your best ally, a best friend that tells it like it is and learn to trust yourself within that change. Fearing change is like fearing failure, yet, the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that Successful People Fail More! Ironic isn’t it?

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