Before answering this question we need to establish what branding is not.
Branding is not marketing.

Successful branding is a combination of an authentic promise with a clear, aligned and consistent delivery. Why it is needed is because the promise and delivery are what build trust in your company and increase customer loyalty.

What are the benefits?
• Increases credibility, recognition, revenue and success.
• Helps attain the higher level of clarity, alignment and consistency required to fully deliver your promise.
• Increases smart productivity, teamwork and working with purpose towards a common goal.

What is affected?
Your success is affected. What you promise and deliver directly affects your customer’s experience. From the feeling generated by a brochure to a conversation with a customer service rep, each and every encounter a customer has with your brand needs to be considered, evaluated and aligned with who you are as a company and where your company stands in the market. To create the consistency required to build customer loyalty and increase success, this evaluation of your processes and collateral is essential and can be undertaken in phases to ease transition and to allow time for financial budgeting.

What can we do for you?
LeapZone Strategies helps companies attain a higher level of clarity about who they really are and where they want to stand in the market by helping business leaders get clear and initiate a common focus first internally with their team, and second externally with their communications. By combining our insatiable business savvy with our in-depth knowledge on brand strategy and implementation, we specialize in helping companies dig deeper into their organization to raise the bar and propel to the level of achievement and success that they want.

How do we go about it?
It is simple. We begin with an initial discussion with you to establish your needs and objectives to then determine the next steps to take. Generally, we start off with a discovery session that ends with establishing a clear plan of action, as well as a deployment plan to align your team and collateral. Does your Brand Measure Up? Contact us to find out and to set-up an initial discussion to see if we are the right fit for you.

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