Margarita and I are thrilled to launch our new LeapZone Strategies™ website. So much has happened since our year long journey of globetrotting in 2006. We actually can’t believe that it’s been 10 months since we’ve come back from this incredible, eye-opening year off. Some of you have followed us closely via our Flickr Account and we want to thank you all for your kindness, interest and support. We truly appreciate it. For those of you who do not know about us and our recent transformation, please read ahead to get an idea of what we did, why we stopped, and what we are doing now.

To fully explain why we do what we do today, we need to step back to 1996 and share with you a portion of our career path. In a nutshell, we spent 10 years successfully helping businesses create and manage their brand identity through the vehicle of an award-winning business called Scenario Design. As owners and operators of this creative firm, our drive was endless. After many years, though we truly enjoyed what we did, the successes we achieved, and the team we had assembled, we discovered that our underlying need to dig deeper, beyond the external business communications, was growing. We felt that brand identity, although very important to business success, was only scratching the surface, and soon realized that a business focused on and known for that alone was no longer fulfilling our purpose. By 2005, we decided that the right thing for us to do was to merge Scenario Design with an existing, successful, and very talented creative firm, and ultimately take 2006 as a sabbatical to travel and think.

So we did exactly that.

As we travelled the globe, our year off really allowed us to unwind and contemplate our values and purpose…what makes us tick? We thought about business in general and why we were in business at all. We asked ourselves, how do we measure success? There were a tremendous amount of insights gained, but our biggest realization, that we have completely absorbed and understood, is that business is not who we are…it is what we do; and measuring success, directly equates to our level of happiness.

So now what?

With clarified values of passion, excellence, integrity through integration, curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to “integrate” our biggest realization into our daily lives with the powerful mission of improving the way people do business. In other words, we help motivated entrepreneurs realize their version of massive success while loving life, through business and branding strategies and coaching. This increases the entrepreneur’s level of happiness and as a result their customers’ as well, as a part of our process is helping entrepreneurs successfully deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Visit our website to find out more about how we can help.

Isabelle + Margarita
LeapZone Strategies