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Understanding The Risks of YES and The Costs of NO: on the Business of Story Podcast with Park Howell

Wouldn’t you love your brand to be considered either the first in a marketplace, the best in an industry, or the only thing like it in the world? But that’s a tall order if you are not intentionally crafting your brand story that supports your first, best, or only……

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Brave Conversations on Canada’s Podcast with Cynthia Lockrey

In this interview with Isabelle and Margarita from LeapZone Strategies we discuss tangible ideas and strategies they’ve used to be a successful couple-preneur for over 30 years through creating healthy boundaries, scheduling spontaneous time, and not shying away from…

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The Heart Is Where It’s At – What CEOs Talk About Podcast

In this episode of What CEOs Talk About, Martin Hunter welcomes back Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte this time with her partner in business and in life Margarita Romano (Maggie). The three discuss the importance of the journey from your head to your heart in life, business, and…

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Lean Into Your No Filter Personality – Success Champions Podcast

Badass Donnie Boivin interviews badass Isabelle Mercier about the importance of learning to lean into your unfiltered personality. “My life has been pretty ‘epic’ to date (epically awesome AND epically challenging) which has made me who I am today. I have…

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How To De-Linchpin” Yourself And Get Back To Big Picture Strategy In Your Business — on Measure Success Podcast with Carl J. Cox

In This Episode: Do you ever feel like YOU are the bottleneck preventing growth within your organization? Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake business owners make every day: getting stuck in the weeds, becoming the “linchpin,” and slowing down growth. But there is a…

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The Power of Mindset on Creating Life Consciously with Carmelle Kemp & Isabelle Mercier

In this episode of Creating Life Consciously, Isabelle Mercier Turcotte talks about the Power of Mindset. Listen in to this powerful and intriguing episode as Isabelle shares how her mother instilled the tremendous importance of getting clear on what you want…

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Soapy Rao Show Interview with Isabelle and Margarita

Forging fulfilling partnerships: Unlocking success and boundless love with Isabelle Mercier and Margarita Romano Recently we had the honor of being interviewed by no other than Sundeep Rao of @soapyraoshow to discuss how to forge fulfilling partnerships in both work and…

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obstacle course podcast interview with margarita and isabelle from fear to excellence

From Fear to Excellence – Obstacle Course Podcast

Listen in as Obstacle Course Hosts John Close and Andrew Langford interview power couple Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte and Margarita Romano. Isabelle and Margarita share the process that they went through preparing for a TEDx Talk and the struggle of fear and the role that it…

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How to build a brand people will remember — on Measure Success Podcast with Carl J. Cox

In This Episode: Every business owner has heard the word “branding” — but do they actually know how to build an effective, memorable one? Most don’t. And that lack of good branding is keeping great ideas, products, and services from reaching more customers. But our guest…

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Being The First, The Best, or The Only with Karl Bryan & Isabelle Mercier

Karl Byron interviews Isabelle Mercier on the Coaching Success Podcast and together, they are on fire…jamming about the importance of being The First, The Best, or The Only!

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The Inspirational 30 with Jim Gardiner from Shaw

TV INTERVIEW: Join The Inspirational 30 host Jim Gardiner as he sits down with TED X Stanley Park Speaker Isabelle Mercier of LeapZone Strategies, focusing on The Power of Zero Tolerance.

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ExpertPreneur Radio Interview with Sheryl Wolowyk

RADIO INTERVIEW: In this episode you will learn what branding is not, and more importantly what it really is and how it affects your growth. - A simple yet powerful Brand Success Formula that will get people to want to work with you — regardless of price - The “core truth”…

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Only 6% Of All Small Business Owners Will Ever Reach 6 Figures

VIDEO: SOHO Summit - creating the space for entrepreneurs to thrIve. This event is designed to add value and #productivity solutions to small and home office business owners.

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Be The First, The Best or The Only!

VIDEO: Get small business advice from our handpicked selection of Canada’s small business leaders. Give your business the edge through insightful talks, expert one-on-one advice, networking opportunities and valuable Q+A sessions with our renowned speakers.

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The Soul Of Business & Life with Milena Cerin

PODCAST INTERVIEW: A great discussion about principles for success AND the #1 ingredient needed to win the game of business and life.  

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The future of SOHOpreneurs with Mark Stoiber

PODCAST INTERVIEW: Isabelle sits down with Marc Stoiber for a conversation on everything from her recent move to Vancouver Island to the future of SOHOpreneurs. Her bold vision and sparkle will make her a must-see at this year's SOHO conference.

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