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Learn the 3 vital positioning ingredients you need to differentiate yourself and create an influential brand.

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To build a Rockstar business, it is imperative that your brand story be told by employees and customers in a consistent, seamless fashion, accurately describing what your company is all about and what distinguishes it from your competitors. Admired brands are built from the inside out and your promise delivery system represents the “last mile” – the point at which people are ready to champion your brand with pride.

At LeapZone, we help you and your organization with ongoing promise delivery system alignment, clarity, pivotal shifts, and momentum – from strategic retreats and monthly coaching to quarterly course-correcting planning sessions to keep your team effective, accountable, pro-active, and on-purpose.

Private Strategic Retreats

At LeapZone, we know the importance and value of taking a *time out* to work ON your business rather than IN it with your key team players. We also know that being away from your everyday busy environment makes it much more enjoyable, effective and let's face it...possible.

That’s why we created these private strategic retreats as a powerful virtual experience or in person at Trailblazers Estate. A magical 5-acre equestrian property on Vancouver Island, designed to help you accelerate your success through breakthrough branding, positioning, business, and personal growth retreats.

Experienced Virtually or Live at Trailblazers.

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1:1 Catalyst Coaching Programs For Accelerated Growth

The LeapZone Elevator Coaching Process™ focuses on the proven LeapZone Trifecta Pillars of Positioning, Personality & Performance along with the 8 Key Areas for Growth required to build a successful business and brand: Brand & Culture, Vision & Strategy, Efficiency & Organization, Technology, Money & KPIs, Time Management, Mindset & Inner Game and Sales & Marketing. Our result-driven process creates accountability and helps you build an outstanding brand, culture of trust and outstanding customer experience.

This process also helps you successfully implement the strategies and get through the blocks that appear along the way to accelerate your growth.

Fill out our Online Needs Assessment to find out what coaching program is best suited for you.

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Positioning & Brand Elevation Programs

Our strategic creative process is designed to help you align and elevate your brand personality to accurately reflect your Brand Foundation (DNA). How? By providing you and your team with the necessary brand identity system to consistently and effectively communicate what problems you solve and why your prospects and clients should choose YOU over anyone else. From logo to website design and everything in between, your key communication tools are assessed and elevated to maximum influence status!

Fill out our creative brief to start the discussion and find out which branding program is best suited for you.

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Brand, Website & Social Media Audits

In order to elevate your brand, influence and impact, we first need to understand *what is* to ensure that our work together (branding, marketing, business architecture, or otherwise) is in-line with your brand foundation, culture, purpose, and vision — your DNA. This process clarifies your current successes, challenges and blind spots. It also assesses your brand foundation, differentiation, unleveraged assets, customer pains and touchpoints and most importantly, what needs to be eliminated, elevated and/or innovated to be the first, the best, or the only.

Fill out our Online Needs Assessment to start the discussion and find out more about the next steps.

Needs Assessment

On-Demand Catalyst Sessions

Set-up flexible one-on-one time with one of LeapZone's Master Coaches to help your organization grow faster and resolve issues when they arise. Through easy-to-use pre-paid performance catalyst sessions, you can have a branding, marketing, social media or business innovation strategist in your back pocket.


Watch Isabelle & Margarita's Life-Changing TEDx Talks

TEDx Talk #1 - The Power of Zero Tolerance: Worrying is the #1 killer of creativity, performance and dreams. When revolutionary brand strategist Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte discovered “What we tolerate we worry about,” she realized a little structure brings a lot of inner flexibility and freedom.

TEDx Talk #2 - How To Increase Your Units Of Happiness: Unlike business, there are no schools for creating successful personal relationships. After almost 30 years of living/working together and working with couplepreneurs, Business Growth Catalyst, Isabelle Mercier, and Equine-Guided Strategist, Margarita Romano, have uncovered that there is great relationship wisdom in learning from what makes a business thrive.


TEDx Coaching

Strategy Session with Isabelle Mercier (2-time TEDx Speaker with over 3.5 million views, TEDx Curator & TEDx Coach) to help you get clarity about your idea worth spreading and how to position it for potency and impact.


The LeapZone Learning Lab

No-nonsense courses to help you master the skills + mindset you need to grow your brand and your business with balance. The LeapZone Learning Lab is about smart courses for smart leaders and business owners because, to increase revenue and become a powerhouse in your industry, you have to master the basics of mindset, branding, positioning and business. Period.


LeapZone Implementation Lab

The #1 objective of The LeapZone Implementation Lab is to give our clients access to an outstandingly curated creative team to help them create what needs to be implemented to increase impact and revenue. The Implementation Lab is creative time bundles for easy access to our creative team to get things done and done well when it comes to design and tech initiatives.

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